Founder's Inspiration

Founder's Inspiration

Late Pt. TN Mishra

16 Dec 1942 – 23 Mar 2003

Late Shri DN Mishra

20 Feb 1949 – 9 Dec 2002

Late Pt. TN Mishra and Late Shri DN Mishra sowed the seeds for empowerment through education forty years ago in 1978. Four decades thence, we owe a great debt to the two pillars of the CA Family.

Central Academy today spreads its branches like a mighty tree, nurturing many lives and rooting future citizens to the Founding Fathers own deep seeded commitment to Nation building by providing ease of access to wholesome education.

We continually work towards the aim of enriching young lives with values and goodness, which the souls of our Founding Fathers shower down upon us, from their eternal abode in Heaven.

" You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. "

― Christopher Columbus