Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Vigilance and awareness are key to safe guard school campuses; as parents and school management around the world face challenging situations, we commit to create a safer environment for our children.

  1. ALL visitors/outsiders submit a Government-issued ID, while recording their phone numbers and addresses at the security gate.
  2. CCTV cameras covering every nook and corner of the campus, with dedicated to monitoring. 
  3. Washrooms, labs, libraries, corridors and play areas are monitored and secured during school hours.
  4. No outsiders (including parents/guardians) are allowed access to the classroom/child/children during school hours.
  5. Washrooms and classrooms are NOT accessible to any outsiders - for e.g. labourers, drivers, conductors etc.
  6. All entry and exit points are staffed and secured.
  7. Dispersal process is secured and well managed.
  8. Transport is secure and is manned by responsible staff.
  9. All campuses have fully stocked and working infirmary, with qualified nurse/trained medical practitioner. 
  10. All campuses are fully equipped with Fire Extinguishers and/or Sprinklers. 

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